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We don’t get paid, If you don’t get paid



Policyholders are in many instances facing complicated circumstances and complex decisions after they suffer a property loss. Filing a claim can be very difficult if you don’t know how to assess the damages properly.



Most homeowners ignore the importance of knowing how to read an insurance policy correctly, they also ignore all their legal rights and duties as a policy holder. Expenses, assessment of damages, partial settlements, estimating and discovering hidden damages are just some of the things a homeowner can’t fully comprehend.


Wind & Hurricane

Natural disasters such as hurricanes and storms can produce severe winds causing massive damage to your roof and structures as well as your foundations. If you have suffered hurricane damage you first want to do all is in your power to mitigate the loss to ensure your property does not continue to damage.

Denied Or Underpaid

Many insurance companies have been known to underpay or even refuse to pay for any damages. It is important to know that you can reopen denied or underpaid claims within the time that the statute of limitations allows.

Water Damage

A water damage can derive from a leaking roof, a pipe burst in your home or even due to external factors such as a storm or flood. The cause and extent of a water damaged needs to be defined very clearly, as your policy may not cover all types of water damage. Many insurance companies have reduced coverage along…


Commercial insurance policies are particularly difficult to understand if you are not an expert reading policies, many things can be overlooked when filing for damages to structures and contents and the effect of business income and expenses must be investigated and presented appropriately.


Tiles or shingles may be damaged due to buckling, curling, or may even be missing. Water may be seeping through your roof or walls without your knowledge. In many instances damage can be hidden and your roof may have small holes that will allow water intrusion, we inspect your roof properly discovering any hidden…

Drain Lines

Common types of water damage that we adjust for your home or business include: floods, overflow, backups, leaky pipes, and storm related catastrophes.



We share the same goals as you do, getting the maximum financial compensation for damages caused to your home or business. Prolific Public Adjusters will ensure a speedy recovery process and get the most out of your insurance claim. Find out why we are the best public adjusters in Florida. We file your claim in a timely fashion, our team of experts are ready for your free inspection and our administrative team is there to assist you and provide you with updates on your case. We guarantee you a smooth stressless transition from the time we file your claim until you get your settlement check.



It is important to understand what is typically covered in a homeowner insurance policy and how a Licensed Public Adjuster can help you get the maximum you are entitled of from your insurance company. Watch the video to learn more.